Memorial Donations

Honouring the life of a loved one by giving to the animals is a wonderful tribute particularly if animals played an integral part in his or her life. If you would like to name the Niagara SPCA and humane Society as a designated charity, funeral homes in the area have our donation cards and envelopes.

Donations can be made in person or mailed to the Shelter, or online through click on the button to donate.

Upon request, the grieving family may ask for names and addresses of donors and this information will be provided to them.

If individual donations are received in memory of a loved one, whether human or pet, upon request a card will be sent to the family letting them know a donation has been received (pertinent information will be necessary). A donation receipt will be sent to the donor.

For further information about Memorial Donations, please visit the Shelter or call 905.735.1552.

When you honour life by giving to the Niagara SPCA and Humane Society, you help to save a life.