Lost and Found Pets

If you have lost your pet please contact us right away. Our phone number is 905-356-4404.

For lost dogs, a description of the animal can be taken over the phone. Please include your tag number in the description as well as any other identification your dog may be wearing.

Due to the large number of cats that are found and the variations in descriptions we ask that you come to the Humane Society to see if your cat is here. When you come in we encourage you to bring a picture of your cat to help with the identification. If you are unable to come to the Humane Society please call us.

Only Submit Once

**will be added to the website within 1 hours**

When your pet is found

**will be added to the website within 24 hours**

If you have lost your pet:

  1. Print lost posters from your lost report and put up as early as possible
  2. Talk with people in the area where your pet was lost so they are aware
  3. Go to areas that you may frequent where you walk your dog
  4. If it is a cat, check areas that they could be hiding
  5. Don’t give up looking and feel free to call the shelter to check and see if your pet has been found.

The information will be posted and you will be notified if your animal is found or identified. EACH POST WILL STAY UP FOR 5-6 MONTHS AFTER THAT IT WILL BE REMOVED. If your pet is still missing please send an updated email and we can keep the post up. This will keep the page up to date for those still looking for their lost pets. If you have found your lost pet and you sent us an email, please let us know you have been reunited.

Identification is often the best way for a lost animal to be returned home. Municipal tags are mandatory for dogs. Microchipping is a good way to ensure that your animal can be returned home safely. Always be sure to update your information with the company that has issued the microchip when you move or change phone numbers. All animals that are brought to the Niagara Falls Humane Society are checked for identification on arrival.

Lost Cat-Boots

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Lost Cat-Patches

Full Name: Melanie Stefan Email: Phone: +19059641762 Pet Name: Patches Type of Pet: Cat Gender: Female Size: Medium Colour: Date Pet was Lost: 2021-11-22

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Lost Dog-Hera

Full Name: David Frechette Email: Phone: +12895018486 Pet Name: Hera Type of Pet: Dog Gender: Female Size: Med Colour: White with brown dot on

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Lost Cat-tiny

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